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(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
In het volgende nummer "Falling Down" van Scarlett Johansson is op de achtergrond David Bowie nog te horen.

link - Scarlett Johansson - Falling Down -

Helaas kan ik David Bowie niet meer verzoeken om een tattoo te doneren aan de stichting…...maar Scarlett wél !.......?????”

Daarom volgt de volgende open brief aan Scarlett:

Open letter to Scarlett Johansson:

“Hello Scarlett Johansson: I have seen in the internet that you have a nice tattoo on your back…..

I don't to be cheeky but do you have more tattoos….?

Are you aware of the fact that you have recently the opportunity to enjoy your Tattoos in more than one way?

The first way: for your own pleasure,

The second way: by show them by the public,

and the third way: to donate your tattoo to the future Tattoos Donor Foundation. 
Nowadays it is possible to donate a Tattoo to charity because I have invented the FIRST Tattoo Donor Card in the world.... 

Would you be so nice to read my article in the Blogger:

Worldwide there is still a lack of donor-organs. With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation we can solve this problem in no time... 

Thank you so much for your precious time….Martin Cuijpers."

(In dutch…...DANK JE WEL )

Wordt vervolgd…….

(First time published 12-2-2019)


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